Church of Abundant Life

Cesar Salad

International Rivers receives MACE award (interviews)

I shot these interviews for Beyond Pix Studios.  The Client was the International Rivers Foundation. I only shot the interviews and the office B-roll; none of the location work is mine.


Lollapayouza App teaser

Winner, Grand Prize, Hacklolla competition.


The Gospel According to Mercedes (excerpt)

Runway with Airplane-Lighting Director

Finale of She’s Got The Look Season 3. In Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. Pulled this together in about three days. One to plan, one to prelight and build, one to shoot. It was great.

I was the Lighting Designer/Lighting Director.

She’s Got the Look Season 3- Wushu

She’s Got the Look

Doesn’t she look better lit by an Airbox?

web commercial for inflatable softboxes.